“212 FR-A”




FRFR for strong men.


The 212 FR-A has been developed for guitarists who have played a 4×12″, switched to Axe-FX, Kemper or other modelers and want to take advantage of FRFR without sacrificing the powerful pressure and the look.

  • 2x 12-inch speaker + tweeter
  • mono
  • linear frequency response from 55 to 15.000 Hz
  • dimensions (WxHxD): 64x64x35 cm
  • weight: 27 kg
  • internal power amplifier with enough headroom
  • 300 watts RMS / 600 watts max
  • power supply socket
  • Powercon-out
  • 1x jack in
  • 1x jack out
  • optional volume pot


  • Davide wrote:

“Ok guys…for the Camper I confirm my opinion from the other test I did few months ago, what is different in the 212 FR-A? It’s bigger (like a 4×10 but deeper) but not heavier as the Camper: around 27Kg), definitely louder (a lot, enough to flap you pants) and you need no EQ adjustment (if the rigs are set for a PA at gig volume). The sound pressure and thickness are impressive, really on the level of a 4×12.: a big “Thump” in the guts. The sound is very open and defined at all frequencies, it really makes fun to swap the cabs around from the KPA because you can hear/feel the changes very well.

For the Gearheads here: 2×12 plus Tweeter (looks like a horn one), mono, 250W RMS (and you feel it! I don’t want to hear any BS that a class D Watt is not the same as a Tube Watt), 480 W Peak (I couldn’t get to 0 db from the Kemper, my ears where hurting ). Flat response from 55 Hz to 15 kHz. The Poweramp is active cooled with a fan, but extremely silent: when I first switched it on I was surprised to hear a standby hiss from a Class D cab….’till I realized that was the fan…

Band rehearsal went extremely well and on the Weekend we have a Casino gig, a pub one and a wedding (with the quartet). I’ll report by Sunday evening.

@Doc: For fun we picked a Mustang IV (4×12) from the shop (the rehearsal room is on the back of it and the Keyboard player is the owner) and compared it (cab off) with the 212FR-A (Cab on): 2 Guitar players, the shop owner and a (pro) sound engineer agrees that you should give it a try.


I mean you should try the 212FR-A. We’ve taken the M IV because of the 2×12 (with the M III it would have been unfair) and it sounds pretty good to be honest, but having to defeat the cab the differences between different profiles couldn’t come out so well like with the 212FR-A. Another point of difference was the clarity at volume, the sound pressure and the overall volume, but that is pretty clear if you consider that the M IV is 2x75W and the 212FR-A is 250W RMS (480W peak).
Obviously no comment about the price gap: 2 different classes of products.


Hi folks, finally a bit of time after the gigs, been quite busy this weekend.
The 212FR-A rules! Big time! Been playing in 3 completely different situations, from big stage/high volume to no stage/background music. Got a fantastic sound at any moment and any volume. Just turned the reverb off (as I usually do Live) and the amps where phisically there behind me, every nuance was very well represented as well as the different Cab’s profiles. All what I’ve liked in the Camper is still there but with more transparence, more “hump” and less eq necessary. Still better than a PA monitor, more warmth and amp feel.
The only downside is that this box is big and heavy, forget about running up the stairs with it in one hand and the Kemper in the other, but definitely well worth the extra trip to get it on stage. It is definitely smaller/lighter than a 4×12 but on stage it feels the same.
For me an absolute keeper! Worthwhile trying it if you play a lot live in different situations, but very good also at moderate volume.
Thanks again to Marco and Tilman for the test drive. They are both staying here (my other guitarist just got Kemperized and bought the Camper 212, we never had so much compliments fo the sound like this weekend).”