The mini for home.


The name says it all. The “Home” is a small FRFR amp for your home. Turn it on and off it goes.

The BlueAmps “Home” can of course be quiet but if necessary also loud. It can also be converted to a stereo system with the bluetooth option. All you need is a mobile phone or tablet with a headphone output. The “Home” is also suitable as a “kitchen radio” or for the background sound of a garden party. (THE purchase argument for your wife !!! ;))

  • linear frequency response from 70 to 15.000 Hz (-6 dB)
  • dimensions (WxHxD): 38x20x25 cm -> There exactly fits a Kemper Head on it!
  • weight: 5 kg
  • internal power amplifier: 2x 45 watts RMS (2x 90 watts max)
  • Powercon-out
  • 2x jack input 6,3 mm
  • optional available: stereo jack input 3,5 mm