“Spark Sub”




And another one on top!


.. or rather: down below!

The “Spark Sub” is the right subwoofer for the BlueAmps “Spark”. With it, the “Spark Sub” fuses to the BlueAmps “Spark Full Stack”. The BlueAmps “Spark Sub” features a highly efficient subwoofer and an active crossover. The crossover provides the signal for the sub and for the “Spark”, which can work louder and freer because of the filtered bass.

  • 2x 10-inch speaker
  • linear frequency response from 50 to 150 Hz
  • dimensions (WxHxD): 60x45x30 cm
  • weight: 20 kg
  • internal power amplifier: 500 watts RMS (1.000 watts max)
  • Powercon-out
  • 2x jack input
  • 2x jack output for the “Spark”
  • optional available: cover, case and bluetooth interface