Andreas Schmid-Martelle


martelle5Whoever is a guitarist knows him. Andreas contacted me in 2012. He plays, among others, modelers and was looking for an amplification for it. In 2013 he got a BlueAmps “212 FR-A” and made a few presentation videos. His dream always was an active wedge with 2×12″ in stereo, which I built him in 2013 with the “ASM Wedge” according to his ideas.

After a long, common brainstorming, we gave him a smaller, more handy 1×12″ version in 2016. This box can also carry its initials in the name: BlueAmps “112 ASM”













pictures by Peter Jülich



Andreas Schmid-Martelle, short Martelle, played as a guitarist of the Jule Neigel Band in 1988 to the audience. During his time in the band up to the year 2002 Martelles activities included composition, arrangement and production besides the guitar responses. The band sold about two million records.

For a long time, Martelle has been concentrating on writing and producing, for the Popvirus Label he has been producing album on album since 2008. He is also a live guitarist with the latin / lounge band Jazzamor. From time to time there is also a Martelle solo album, most recently the 2010 “The Doors Will Open”.

  • A Brand New Start (1995, Red Rooster)
  • Open Up (2002, inakustik)
  • Little Big Waters (2007, monogenuss)
  • The Doors Will Open (2010)
Other releases:
  • Jule Neigel Band: Schatten An der Wand (composing, guitars)
  • Jule Neigel Band: Wilde Welt (composing, guitars, vocals)
  • Jule Neigel Band: Nur Nach Vorn (composing, guitars, vocals, co-producer)
  • Jule Neigel Band: Herzlich Willkommen (composing, guitars, vocals, co-producer)
  • Jule Neigel Band: Sphinx (composing, guitars, vocals, co-producer)
  • Jule Neigel Band: Alles (composing, guitars, vocals, co-producer)
  • Tommy Schneller, A Heartbeat Away (producer, guitars, vocals, mixing, mastering)
  • Grenada Riddim, Sweet Life (producer, various instruments, vocals, mixing, mastering)
  • Fatman Productions (mixing, guitars)
  • Chris Kramer, The XB-40 (producer, various instruments, mixing)
  • The Spacemen, All Or Nothing (producer, mixing, mastering, guitars, vocals)
  • Ron Williams & The Blues Night Band, Gotta Do The Right Thing (mixing, mastering)
  • Hot ‘n’ Nasty, Electrified (mixing, mastering)
  • Jessica Born & Tony Osanah, Keep Forgettin’ (recording, mixing, mastering)
  • The Incredible Pack, Live In The Studio (producer, mixing, mastering, guitar, vocals)
  • Popvirus, Funk Soul Generation (producer, mixing, mastering, various instruments)
  • Popvirus, Bluesman 1 & 2 (producer, mixing, mastering, various instruments)
  • Popvirus, Diner Grafitti 1-3 (producer, mixing, mastering, various instruments)
  • Blues Blend, One More Turn (Pepper Cake)(producer, mixing, mastering, guitar)
  • Popvirus, Bluesman Acoustic (producer, mixing, mastering, various instruments)
  • Popvirus, Acoustic Circus (producer, mixing, mastering, various instruments)



Rolf Bussalb


Rolf Bussalb

Rolf has studied at the G.I.T. (Guitar Institute of Technology) in Hollywood, California, was a member of the “Crackers” and played national and international tours alongside Nigel Kennedy. Since 1985 he has been a professional musician and has been teaching since 1991 at the “Future Music School” in Aschaffenburg.


Studio-, live- und TV-performances with Axodry, Jocco Abendroth, Die Bärbel im Rock, Die Crackers, Michael David, Glitter Twins, Nigel Kennedy, Daniel John Ohm, Josie T., Vision Fields, Peter Richer, Recycle, Deborah Sasson, Welcome Home Band, Joachim Witt, Thomas Freitag

TV performances at “Wetten Dass???”, Tele-Illustrierte, Clip-Clap, Live aus der Alten Oper, WWF-Club, NDR-Spielbude, ZDF-Hitparade, Bamrolf3bi Verleihung, “Live aus dem Schlachthof”, Verleihung der Goldenen Europa, Verleihung des Europäischen Filmpreises Felix , Capito, “Buten&Binnen”, Münchner Klaviersommer…

Studiojobs for Levi’s, Marlboro, Remy Martin, Rachengold, Vedes, Schöller Eiskrem, Mövenpick, Alpina Weiss, Osram, Thomas Freitag, Joachim Witt, Josie T, Jocco Abendroth…

Perfomances with: Frankfurt City Blues Band, Rodgau Monotones, Big Band 81, Rodgau Jazz BigBand, HR-Big-Band, Bob Mintzer, Gerd Putscheff, Christoph Spendel, etc.

Rolf plays electric and acoustic guitars through a Kemper KPA and a BlueAmps “Blue 3”.




Björn Diewald



Since 1990, Björn Diewald has been one of the most experienced musicians in his area in numerous, musically enormously diverse formations on stage and in the studio. As a bandleader and co-worker, teamplayer, producer, singer, guitarist, keyboardist, bassist and successful songwriter he also occasionally comes on television or on the radio.

With his countryrockformation NASHFIELD, Björn published his debut album “One” in late summer 2013.



björn os2björn2


Björn plays electric guitar, lapsteel, mandoline and acoustic guitar through a Kemper KPA and a BlueAmps “212 FR-A”.



Stefan Bütow


Stefan is guitarist of the top-40 band “Atemlos” and has long been a friend of mine. About BlueAmps, he was always quite well informed and sold his Engl, bought a Kemper and got me a BlueAmps “Blue 3”. It is rumored that he has been standing on the stage with permanent grins since then and only needs 10 minutes for set-up.








Manuel Schönherr

Manuel studied guitar and singing at the “Rock Pop Jazz Academy” in Giessen with teachers such as Peter Fischer and Ole Rausch (Laith Al Deen). After completing his studies in 2013, he is a professional guitarist, singer, songwriter and bandcoach, teaches at music schools and plays in different bands and projects.

Since 2012, Manuel has been on the road and in the studio with “Viola Tamm”, with whom he won the “German Rock and Pop Award” in 2014.

He has also been a guitarist at “Rocktrip” (Rock-Pop-Party-Cover) for many years on the road (including Manfred Mann’s Earth Band).

In the Beatles Tribute Show “Be4tles”, Manuel has been giving George Harrison since 2014. “Be4tles” is by the way the only Beatles Tribute band with a “real” Paul McCartney!

Performances with:
Joe Whitney & The Streetlife Family, Tom Pfeiffer Band, Radioactive, Female, No Limit, Kafkas, Fleisch In Concert, Danny Danger Connection, Goose Brothers, Hangover, Minotaurus, Wilde Jungs…

Performances for:
Esso Roth, Coface Arena Mainz, Gießen 46ers, Radio BOB!, Hessen Rockt, Club Punta Arabi Ibiza…


Manuel plays guitars and basses(!) through a Kemper KPA and a “Camper 212”.




Jürgen Schienemann


Jürgen is one of the most active professional guitarists in the music scene in and around Magdeburg, as well as teacher and producer. He was part of “Reggaeplay”, “Les Länett” and the “Rock’n’Roll-Orchestra”, and beside his brother Gregor Schienemann, one of my personal heroes, when I started playing. Jürgen is currently playing with the legendary “Kellergeistern” and the cover band “King Song”.



Jürgen was looking for a suitable amplification for his Kemper and so it came what had to come. He landed one evening in my house, was convinced and got a “Blue 3” with the “Blue 3 Sub” in his desired color.




Guido Fröhlich


Guido is a teacher at his own music school “Tonika” and guitarist of the prog rock band “Morphelia”.

He plays an Axe-FX II and the Kemper KPA through a BlueAmps “Blue”.

Releases with “Morphelia”:

  • 2003: “Prognocircus”
  • 2009: “Waken The Nightmare”